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President's Charge to the PCM of February 2012.
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Greetings : The Bishop of this Diocese , Bishop Hess ,President of the guild in the Diocese of Saldanah Bay and his executive, all presidents from different dioceses and their executives , members of the Provincial executive committee, our sister organization G.T.C. represented here today by its provincial co-coordinator Revd Trevor Pearce Calvary greetings to you all . Today we are meeting here for the first time as the provincial council after our election, therefore it is humbly experience , it gives me great pleasure to serve God in this ministry , we want to thank God for that . We are very much proud of this ministry, and also do not wish to fail god and His people. It is also sad day that we are meeting here and our liaison Bishop, Bishop p Mlibo Ngewu is not with us for the reason known to us (he lost his brother, Lubabalo Ngewu who passed away from us about a week ago and will be buried next week Tuesday).May his soul rest in peace .God has called us to serve Him and His people, He has called us to minister to His Church and we humbled by this inheritance of faith. When we concluded our conference we decided to have a handing over meeting between the old and new executives , and indeed we me in the same Diocese on the 18-19th November 2011.we were hosted by thus same diocese we are very much grateful to our host , led by their forever energetic president Rev. Lutya. The handing over went well I want to echo the words I have share with conference , that we will be forever grateful to predecessors for the foundation that they have laid before us. However there were few areas of concern that we all felt they needed our urgent attention from the way the guild was run The areas are as follows: The relationship between the guild and the Diocesan Bishop wasn’t noble. (When we talk relationship with our diocesan Bishop, we have already achieved that through our media officer Brother Fezile Maki and our chairman) Some of the Bishops have started to communicate with the guild, the liaison Bishop of growing the church portfolios has responded by sending Rev Trevor, and other bishops communicated with the president, we will be meeting the other Bishop during the course of the term. We have managed to secure an appointment with the office of the Archbishop: we are meeting him on Monday the 20th at about 09H00 .Our meeting with the Archbishop is about engaging the office of the archbishop in matters of the guild, we want to ask the Arch bishop to put foreword to our constitution (as advised by our legal advisor brother Tsika) We will also engage the Arch on the issue of liaison Bishop Mlibo Ngewu, the issue of the shrine in Zimbabwe. On Saturday the 18th I and the chairman will be flying to Namibia to meet with the bishop of Namibia and the members of the guild in that Diocese thanks to our chairman. The Diocese of Mozambique will be the next. Visibility of PEXCO to our Diocesan activities i.e. Diocesan conferences & Council meetings. (On visibility we have been engaging dioceses on this, and we can proudly we have and we are going in a right direction, we have been about five diocesan conferences, the Matlosane, Saldana Bay ,False Bay , Johannesburg and Pretoria. We have been to the diocese of Ukhahlamba to their diocesan council .In April we are going to the diocese of Grahamnstown when they will be holding their conference. We want to make special appeal to our dioceses to please make contacts with the Provincial office when planning your conferences so as to able to plan our diary accordingly. When we talk about visibility we want to say to the members of the guild let us think out of box especially the office of the social responsibility. For instance on the 15th of February I visited the family in the Eastern Cape (East London) together with some of the members of the guild of the diocese of Grahamnstown. This family had a child that was raped and the community took the law into their own hands by killing the suspect through mob justice , and three people were got arrested the situation in that township is tense at the moment . When we went there we prayed with the families and people were very much thankful that we came because no church came to visit, we were the only church group that visited the community. The councilor of the community was nowhere to be seen. Communication and fellowship with other Dioceses that are both within and outside ACSA. As I have already indicated above we are going to Namibia on Saturday and we have established contacts with Diocese of Harare as a way of opening doors for fellowship as they are not members of ACSA. We hope and trust that we will be in contact with the Diocese of Zululand, Swaziland and many other dioceses that are not with us at the moment. Yearly Pilgrimage to the shrine of St Bernard Mizeki in Maunder district in Mashonaland Province of Zimbabwe. We need to encourage one another to try and foster good relationship with other brothers in Zimbabwe so as to be able to go and visit the shrine every year in June. The lack of office space to run our guild in more professional way. The lack of training of our members in particular the preaching skills. Common manual for all dioceses, the understanding of our constitution The lack of protection the legacy of Bernard Mizeki route from Inhambane village of KwaGwambe tribe in Mozambique, to Cape Town St Phillip church and to the shrine in the Murundera district of the Mashona land Province of Zimbabwe. The non existence income generating projects in order to sustain the running costs of the guild. We must be business like in our approach; we will be able to sustain the guild if we do that. The lack of culture of prayer, Christ is to be the centre of our guild we must fix our eyes in Him at all times Things that needed a serious consideration Road accidents during the festive season SADTU issue in the Eastern Cape and the department of education Controversial issue of Julius Malema, His approach Rape and abuse of women and children. Accountability as the key issue in these three years to our membership. Traveling of the PEXCO. Fundraising cannot depend only on the subscription from the members of the guild, we need a strategy. The question of women at Bernard Mizeki association is to be looked seriously We have talent in the organization we couldn’t be perceived as the guild that is doing its work unprofessionally therefore excellence is to be the key in our vocabulary. Moral regeneration is to be the key in this organization. Respect and obedience must prevail from the guild members. Good publicity at all times Education should be the key in this guild, training of our members Patriotism and voluntarism must be the key in this guild Retreats must be held at least twice year by all dioceses. The school of thoughts should be established to try and to conquer illiteracy within the guild, we need thinkers and planners Members should respect marriage as a sacred institution at all times. The guild needs to open the help desk catering for substances abuse and many other related issues. In conclusion my fellow brothers in Christ I wish you a blessed time together with us as the council may the Almighty God keep you safely always. Grace, Peace and Joy remain with you always Yours in Christ Revd M.E. Masoka (President)